Art Basel-Douglas Elliman Collectors Lounge

Application Development + Design, A/V Integration

VVOX was invited by SITU Studio to create an interactive kiosk for real estate company, Douglas Elliman Collectors Lounge at the 2014 Miami Art Basel. We created a custom, interactive content driven playback system via a wireless iOS interface. The system seamlessly displayed content of Douglas Elliman properties and locations from around the world.

A Custom iOS app

An iOS app was developed to allow an iPod to be used as a navigational device. The user easily swiped or scrolled down to view content in the palm of their hand. The content synced simultaneously to a giant LED display monitor.

Users “Like” and “Share” Properties

Agents Control Content in Real-Time

We enabled Douglas Elliman real estate agents to control the content of the app in real-time. Properties, locations and text on the iPod app and main screens could be easily accessed through an online database. Adding properties or deleting images were instantly updated on both the iOS device and the main LED system.


This project was fabricated and led by our partner, SITU Studio. The sleek kiosk environment, as well as the LED displays throughout the lounge bring all the dynamic elements together to create a unique , Collectors Lounge art experience.


Watson and Company - Agency Joe Saavedra + Apon Palanuwech - iOS and Serverside App Development