The Brooklyn Mirage - Projection Mapping and System Design

Projection Mapping, VFX, Generative Content, Playback System Design

Custom Projection Content For Brooklyn's Largest Outdoor Space

Volvox Labs projection mapped Brooklyn's largest outdoor space, The Brooklyn Mirage. The temple-like, desert oasis in Williamsburg is 80,000-square-foot and holds 6000 visitors. A custom 16 multi-projector system was designed to map the 360 degree immersive club and cover all its fortress-like walls. During the summer months, when the club held open, Volvox Labs own VJ was in place to make sure the club-goers were fully immersed in mind-blowing projections.

The brightly lit, mesmerizing visuals brought the Mirage experience to the next level, making it not only a great venue to enjoy well-known and award-wining DJs like Atish, Dubfire, Henrik Schwarz, Adriatique, Frank & Tony and Matthias Meyer, but also a place to enjoy being immersed in the ultimate sensory stimulation club experience.

Architecting an Immersive Visual Experience

We designed entire projection system for the Mirage space within a very quick turnaround. The system architecture included a VJ and playback tool so that any guest VJ could easily navigate the system. VolvoxLabs also created custom content to fill the entire night of shows.

Raster Maps

Volvox Labs built raster maps for projection mapping to share with all designers when creating content. This streamlined the process and made drag-and-drop of content into our system easy.


"I didn’t think I was in New York. That’s a good thing." - The New York Times "Without a doubt this is the kind of summer venue that New Yorkers have been craving—a slice of tropical paradise coupled with sleek style, stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, and impeccable sound and production to match." - Brooklyn Magazine


Client: Avant Gardner

VVOX TEAM: Art/Technical Direction: Kamil Nawratil Content Team: Kamil Nawratil, Javier Cruz, Pasakorn Nontananandh, Clay Tereck, Alex Czetwertynski Playback System Design: Javier Cruz Project Management: Alex Czetwertynski VJ: Javier Cruz, Pasakorn Nontananandh Photographer and videographer: Marina Oriente, Dean McColl