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An Immersive Symphonic/Electronic Concert Performance

VVOX was the digital artist and creative technologist for the unique symphonic/electronic concert performance by award-winning, multiple-platinum artist, film composer and technologist Brian Transeau (also known by his performance name, BT). The world wide touring show featured re-imagined versions of the most Transeau most famous work. The show was entitled, Electronic Opus.

Volvox Labs developed exclusive synchronized video material, real-time effects and music arrangements, hyper-synchronized lighting, as well as unique interactive segments using Kinect sensors. A massive 50’ cnc-milled wall was built and fabricated especially for this spectacle! All together it created explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment. Because of the technological rigor needed for this multimedia show, VVOX developed an integrated system to coordinate the visual components seamlessly with the orchestra, Brian Transeau and the conductor.

The show premiered on March 29, 2015 at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami during the annual Winter Music Conference.

Best Non-Traditional Experiential Award

In 2016 VVOX won the prestigious LE BOOK award for Best Non-Traditional Experiential Award for their innovative work on the live performance and visual/stage design for BT’s Electronic Opus!

The technology used to create this award winning experience included: • Live Feed GoPro integration with mapping • Presence sensing via Microsoft Kinect for Audio and Human Gesture reactive visuals • 16-ft wall of acrylic panels used for holographic projections to turn clear panels into instant mega HD TV walls • Custom sound-driven visuals takes the audience on an epic journey through space and time • BARCO 3-projector system

Extract From Exclusive Interview With Dancing Astronaut

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How were you approached to create the show? Has VVOX ever worked on a project like this before?

VVOX: We were approached by Alex Harrow, BT’s manager about the possibility of working on EO. We were ecstatic to hear about collaborating with another renowned artist. Just recently we wrapped up the Dubfire Live Hybrid performance which gave us a solid base for setting up our systems and creative thinking for EO.

What about this project excited you?

VVOX: Electronic Opus is quite different from what we’ve done in the past. BT takes his performance into a philharmonic setting with a live orchestra accompanying his music. Creating a visual performance for a debut event which is essentially re-inventing sound, electronic music and orchestral performance is extremely exciting! We’re trying to carve out a unique feel with our visuals as well as the physical architectural element which was custom built in our fabrication studio in Brooklyn to add to this never-seen-before kind of experience.

Can you take us through your process. From conception to initial sketches to fabricating the final product?

VVOX: Since we’re working directly with BT, we were given more creative freedom. Much of our inspiration for this project is of course BT’s music, and our overall inspirations from science, nature (the geometry of it) and the cosmos. We worked around a loose narrative showing the creation and progression of an abstract universe, a planet-like travel through different landscapes and how all these micro-macro-scales are essentially the same and interlinked processes.

Landscape Topography for Projection Mapping

For projecting the visuals, we were asked to provide a rear wall on the stage. However, using a flat surface just didn't seem right for this kind of performance. We talked about doing projection mapping but didn't want to be stuck with geometrical shapes since our visuals were more focused on taking the audience on a journey through space and time, from smallest molecule to galaxies in outer space and such. Based on these ideas we came up with a projection mapping surface representing landscape topography, a physical manifestation of the animated worlds. The topography also serves as a wormhole to different dimensions.

Is there anything like this that has been done before? What are some of the 1sts for both VVOX and the live production/performance industry?

VVOX: It’s hard to answer whether anything like this has been done before since I can’t speak to all the amazing artists out there. Of course, there are shows and performances using some of the elements of the Electronic Opus show. As far as projection mapping, we’ve seen mapping on buildings, mapping on actual organic elements like trees and forest, mapping geometrical shapes, but I haven’t seen mapping onto CNC-milled topography element to this size. Perhaps it’s been done, but what we’re bringing is all of it in a massive scale which will be travelling around the world. We learned a quite a bit in developing the system and stress testing, as well as figuring out the best ways to fabricate on our CNC machine at VVOX Form a lightweight, albeit huge 50′ wall that can be mapped quickly and fold into one crate. The Kinect functionality is pretty interesting as we’re enabling the conductor to ‘paint’ her movements onto the topography walls. The effect is also amplified by the transparent projection film behind her where viewers can see more real-time animations and conductor herself.

What are the technical specifications of the project?

VVOX: For the show we’ve been lucky enough to have BARCO provide us a 3-projector system for the mapping of the walls and one more projector for the transparent, acrylic setup in front of the orchestra.

The dynamic symphonic/electronic concert performance is integrated effortlessly to create this massive immersive spectacle of sound, light and form.


Dancing Astronaut: BT’s Electronic Opus plans to be Miami Music Week’s most ambitious event Fast Company, called it the ‘cure for modern music’s monotony’. We're really excited to be part of that mash up! Many thanks to Barco for supporting the show with RLM-W14 Projectors.


Creative Direction and Technical Director/TouchDesigner Programming - Kamil Nawratil TouchDesigner Development - Javier Cruz Concept Development - Alicia Martin After Effects/C4D effects -Tom Bourguet Houdini Effects - Maxime Causeret TouchDesigner effects - Vincent Houze Stage Design and Fabrication - Miron Nawratil/ Zyia Zhang Narrative Development -Pa Her, Kamil Nawratil Cinematographer/DP -Isaac Mead Long