HP Antarctic Dome

A Moving Image Commission for Coachella Festival 2018

Experiential film, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

360-degree show reimagining the 19th novella Flatlands : A Romance in Many Dimensions with a musical score from St. Vincent. Premiered on at Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2018. The film is adapted and directed by Justin Bolognino, and with art direction from VolvoxLabs, Dev Harlan , and Sougwen.

Final Chapter

VolvoxLabs art directed the final chapter, VOIDLAND: Anima, or “Soul” in Latin, becomes the final stage of our protagonist, who now can literally become its environment, changing form at will while dancing with spectral colors in VOIDLAND. Returning back to source, a pure bath of UV light rounds out the show with a moment of transcendent bliss.

The Antarctic dome, powered by HP, at Coachella

The film screens inside The Antarctic dome, powered by HP, at Coachella and you can also see it this summer at NYC’s Panorama Music Festival.

Surreal, Brightly Lit

Created in VR for the immersive dome film prior to the full onsite show.


Adapted and Directed by Justin Bolognino Musical Score by St. Vincent

VOIDLAND Art Direction: Kamil Nawratil Produced by: VolvoxLabs HoudiniFX/CG Animation: Kamil Nawratil CG Animation Mark McCallum Editor: Zyia Zhang