Lincoln Motor/TriBeca: DaVinci

Digital, A/V, Interactive, and Content Implementation

The DaVinci showcases our expertise in Digital, A/V, Interactive, and Content Implementation [DAVINCI] with a stellar unique playback system. It is the only video wall that can incorporate a photo booth system with interactive digital effects and act as a content implementation player. DaVinci 1.0 was first exhibited at the Lincoln Car launch during the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014. It has begun touring to our tech savvy partners and clients.

A Seamless Mosaic Video Wall

Consisting of eight LED monitors varying in size and shape, DaVinci stuns viewers with a seamless, mosaic video wall, equipped to take high-quality images with a DSLR camera. Photos can be triggered remotely with an IPAD by one of our photographers.

The image is processed with custom stylized digital effects or branded content to instantly capture an interactive portrait. Guests see previews of their stylized photos on all eight screens in front of them immediately. iPad kiosks nearby allow guests to share their photo to social media or for print. Photos taken throughout the night are artistically showcased in a tiled photo mosaic wall. Embedded within a sleek stand-alone, black aluminum frame, the DaVinci’s sophisticated shell takes the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

DaVinci 2.0 at Microsoft Launch Party

In collaboration with Alex Czetwertynski , VVOX reinvented DaVinci [2.0] to show off its multi-use capabilities and form. Dressed now in a minimal, cool-white frame, DaVinci 2.0 was equipped with a Microsoft Kinect camera which captured and separated guests from the background. Silhouettes representing a computer code pattern were superimposed over the user’s frame. Images were then captured and displayed on the DaVinci.


Credits for DaVinci 1.0

Agency: BMF Media Fabrication: SITU Studio

Credits 2.0

Agency: Alex Czetwertynski; Empire Fabrication: VVOX FAB