Live Nation Digital Dreams: Lucid Dreams V1.2

Content, Interactive, Projection Mapping


Lucid Dreams v1.2 was exhibited at Live Nation’s Canada premier electronic music Digital Dreams festival in 2013. The second reiteration of the concept behind this multi-media, interactive visual projection installation was inspired by the illustrated book, Codex Seraphinianus, a visual encyclopedia of imaginary, extraordinary creatures. Anamorphic creatures were projected onto a 3,900 square foot wall. To draw festival goers into this otherworldly installation, we designed large scale poster featuring an encyclopedia of the creatures and affixed an HD camera to the top. As attendees checked out the encyclopedia, they were captured on film which was projected among the creatures on the installation wall. Suddenly, attendees became mysterious oddities themselves, which nicely befitted the festival’s free spirited culture.

The Creators Project


Our favorite writer, Taylor Cole for The Creators Project delves into this otherworldly place, Beauitifully Grotesque Creatures Emerge from Volvox Labs Lucid Dream.