DigtalDumbo: Responsive Architecture

Design, Build, Physical Computing, A/V System Integration

In partnership with Microsoft Bing and dd:OUTPOST, we designed and built a unique community lounge and event space for Digital DUMBO merging architectural design with new media integration and functionality. VVOX created a fully integrated, personalized interior system built from the ground up that included a projection mapped bar, user-based interactive LED wall, and a real-time social media interface that pulls in Twitter and Instagram feeds. This whole system is situated within a functional and modular interior design environment.

Not Just Mapping, Reshaping Architecture

The space itself features: • A groundbreaking audiovisual system that seamlessly merges with the architectural design • 200" projection screen that allows for engaging presentations and visual content as well as a direct connection between Windows 8, Xbox and Airstream operating systems • A custom made touchscreen interface that allows clients to control lighting, AV content and Instagram + Twitter feeds in real-time • Integrated technologies allow for the content to be presented simultaneously across all screens •70 high-powered LED strips react to human presence, triggering patterns and surround sound effects using the Kinect sensor • Projection mapped Bar Pod creates a unique surface for showcasing design work, motion graphics, and the "back channel"

Our software allows visitors to upload their content to a folder in the cloud which then is automatically wrapped around the Pod making it very easy and simple to switch 'vibe' and branding between events.

Create Digital Motion


Peter Kirn from Create Digital Motion describes the Digital Dumbo project as 'not just mapping, but reshaping' architecture.
Fast Company posed: Is This The Future Of NYC Coworking? What do you think?

Much thanks to our good friends at Derivative featuring us on their tech site!


Big thanks to our friends at BING and Digital Dumbo! Physical Computing Consultant: Microhive, Zyia Zhang