Mapping elBulliLab for Ferran Adrià

Concept + Design + Programming, A/V Integration + Fabrication/Build

Analog to Digital

Inspired by legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià’s ground-breaking research project to audit the creative process, we chose to map elBullilab’s creative laboratory with several modular and functional spaces. The goal was to create an intervention that would be unexpected and surprising while providing storage of data that can then be shared online.

In partnership Telefónica and Microsoft, we proposed a design for a unique and engaging space within the lab, serving both as a streamlining documentation tool and as a knowledge-sharing, collaborative experience.

Made in Brooklyn

Renderings and Architectural Plans. Built and fabricated in Brooklyn, NYC by VVOX FAB and shipped to Barcelona.

Onsite Implementation of Custom Units

All custom-made modular units include: • Reprographic Scanning Unit: Designed to meet the high demands of digitizing and scanning artifacts of the creative process while protecting the integrity of the materials. • Central Brainstorm Unit: Designed to enhance the way the elBulliLab team works together. Innovative features encourage collaboration, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. • Video Wall Unit: Designed to enhance multi-screen presentations and sharing of content using Microsoft devices.

elBulliLab Timelapse

Evolution of elBulli Yearlong Timelapse

Alongside the productivity stations, we equipped elBulliLab with a custom built, automatic time-lapse system which captures 2,800 photographs everyday between 9AM - 9PM. A server-side application on an Azure Virtual Machine programmatically renders those images into a branded video and posts the time-lapse movies to the elBulliLab Gallery website built especially for the lab. Viewers can see different vantage points at elBulliLab worldwide, share the videos, and watch their favorites over and over again.

Ubuntu server with localhost application monitoring the timelapse output

TimeLapse Website Design

VVOX Team:

Creative and Technical Director - Kamil Nawratil Architectural Design/Fabrication - Jake Gamberg Fabrication - Ryan Kilpatrick Fabrication - Zyia Zhang Server-side App Development - Joe Saavedra Website Development -Apon Palanuwech Project Management USA - Pa Her Project Management Spain -Rosayla Ly ♥ Special thanks to our Partners: Microsoft Iberica , Microsoft USA , Telefonica , and elBulliLab teams for their support and help in facilitating the process through culmination.