H&M: Kick to Win

Visual Design, Content, Interactive Engineering

Virtual Interactive Football

H&M threw an amazing Super Bowl party with the one and only, David Beckham. To help launch the kickoff, BMF Media Group asked VVOX to create a virtual, interactive football and soccer game in the iconic H&M Times Square store during January 29 to Feb. 2, 2014. Fans visited the store to compete for prizes in a "Kick to Win" game where they tried out their virtual soccer or football kicking skills. Once fans entered the digital pod (albeit surrounded by really nice AstroTurf), they could pick their avatar with the wave of their hands hand, and then KICK! Their score is compared to to Beckham's, or the longest football field goal kick. After playing, fans got a scratch card for a chance to earn the winning prize of meeting Beckham or be the lucky winner of two Super Bowl XLVIII tickets!