Intel Mega Experience

Technology Direction, TouchDesigner Development, Projection Mapping, Interactive Engineering, Fabrication

A Sensory Commute: Autonomous Driving Mega Experience

Volvox Labs provided the technical direction, projection mapping, and fabrication of the Autonomous Driving and AI Tower Experience for Intel's CES 2018 immersive Mega Experience. Through projection mapping and haptic seat effects, visitors were placed in an immersive ride through the eyes of an autonomous vehicle. The holographic demo had seating for up to 9 guests and was designed to feel like a car. Inside the car Volvox Labs designed, fabricated and programmed haptic effects to give visitors a multi-sensory ride.

Projection Mapping

For projection mapping 3 Christie projectors which projected onto translucent projection film, stretched onto a car-inspired wooden and plastic frame. We used TouchDesigner for mapping and feeding in haptic elements and the immersive 5.1 soundtrack. The seats in the car were outfitted with haptic devices using ButtKicker speakers and Subpacs that rumbled at programmed times, with additional 4 fans placed above and below that were synced with content to come on and off.

AI Tower Experience

A 13 ft. tall large cylindrical tower structure for Intel's Smarter Worlds was also digital fabricated to go with an AI experience. The tower structure represented the vast data housed and scanned by AI in the cloud. The tower was equipped with several markers. When paired with an AR app-enabled tablet it allowed visitors to immerse themselves in an AI-powered journey. The goal was to take users on a journey that explains how much can be done with AI technology.

Ranked #1 "Best of CES"

The remarkable exhibit was ranked as number 1 "The Best of CES".
"Intel's 'Super Highway Exhibit and social media strategy hit high notes" - Event Marketer Photos: CES International 2018 - The News Herald CES 2018: The best photos of the Las Vegas technology fair - Business Monkey News Photos: See the new gadgets, gizmos and innovations at CES 2018 - Seattle Times "Projection mapping, transparent screens, and translucent automobiles enabled guests to explore autonomous driving and the 5G superhighway during audiovisual experiences that were almost indecipherable from magic." - Exhibitor Online


VVOX Team: Technical Director: Kamil Nawratil Technologist: Javier Cruz Technologist: Mark McCallum Cinema 4D: Mark Mcallum Fabricator: Zyia Zhang Fabricator Consultant: Salvatore Wengler Fabrication Intern: Yaara Yacobi Producer: Isabel Shestopal

Production, Design, Writing: Tool of North America Interactive Directors: Aramique + Jeff Crouse Creative Technologist: Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Benjamin Petit, Antoine Vanel, Lars Berg, Richard Mattka, Ivan Safrin, Jeff Crouse Art Director: Aramique, Mau Morgo Experiential Designer: Ryan Hawthorne Projection Mapping, Technical Direction: Volvox Labs Fabrication: Volvox Labs 3D Content: Bloc D Industrial Designer: Stevie Nicole Meder Writers: Aramique, Selcen Onsan Composer: Gary Gunn Fabrication: Stand and Build BTS Director: Ahmed Hadj amuer, Bolly