Microsoft: Executive Briefing Center

LED Wall, Real Time Visualization, Interactive Cortana Wayfinder

Digitally Transforming EBC

Microsoft approached VVOX to help update their EBC's wayfinding and lobby wall experience with more modern, cloud-based solution, data-driven, and machine learning/artificial intelligence processes. The goal was to showcase consumer products to help B2B understand their products in a more meaningful way.

Meet Cortana, The New Interactive Wayfinding Solution

The interactive Cortana powered wayfinding wall is anything other than traditional. It is built into a custom fabricated corian facade. The wayfinding solution builds upon an intelligent Azure chatbot talking to Cortana around select predetermined questions as well as live answers.
Guests can ask Cortana questions about their upcoming meetings, directions to facilities within the building or even funny jokes. It is an easy and fun way for guests to get information about basic facts.

A Real-Time Data Wall Lobby Experience

In the lobby visitors are greeted by a LED interactive wall experience showing real-time data visualization. It displays beautiful representation of the 5 (five) content modes: Kinect driven art, weather, traffic patterns, a digital clock and the origin countries of all the companies that have visited the Microsoft Executive Center. VVOX’s custom application pulled in Bing Maps API to generate real-time content in two (2) of the five (5) content modes.


Client: Microsoft Project Manager: CBRE General Contractor: SKANSKA Design Team: VolvoxLabs [VVOX]