Microsoft Gallery Lounge Experience

Permanent Interior Build Out, Responsive Architecture, Interactive Art, Photo booth, Projection Mapping, Kinetic Engineering

As a part of the revamp of the Microsoft Theater Lounge, Volvox Labs created four permanent art installations. The goal was to change the space into something that was surprising and delightful while also functionally useful for meetings, events and visitors to unwind before and after visiting the Microsoft Theater. Visitors can interact with each installation using the Microsoft technology, making it a deeply personal experience.

Momentum: A Microsoft Powered Kinetic Sculpture

Made of locally sourced ash wood. Inspired by the Microsoft logo, the sculpture is also made up of 80 Ultra motion linear actuators, 160 custom milled wooden tiles and 10 micro-controllers. As if it was alive and breathing, Momentum moves when it senses human motion. Custom LEDs light up, illuminating with the wave-like movement. When users interact with the sculpture, it feels as though Momentum is gracefully following your every move.

Form: A Projection Mapping Experience

Form is 40-foot projection mapped wall showing imagery projected from three Barco RLM-W14 large venue projectors. Mounted with three Kinects, the wall captures peoples movement and transform it into spontaneous interactive art. Like a shadow the motion triggered art is projected in real-time onto the wall.

Seamless Kinect Integration with Multi-Barco Large Venue Projectors

The extended warping and blending capabilities of the RLM-W14 projectors allowed us to create the unique interactive segments with the Microsoft Kinect. Blending art and seamlessly showcasing HD footage.

DAVINCI - The Photobooth Experience

Almost like a green-screen, the DAVINCI photo booth transport visitors into selected background scenes. The backgrounds can be aligned with artists or events at the Microsoft Theater. Visitors can choose to post the unique photos on social media and on the mosaic mural wall located in the lounge. That way visitors can share happenings and memories with others.

Digital Mosaic Mural

From the photo booth, visitors can share their photos on the mosaic wall. The wall is ever changing, as it is re-organizing every time new pictures are taken and saved onto the wall. The mosaic holds a breathtaking 1700 images at a time, displayed from two Barco projectors. The photos create user generate mural of memorable moments. Like a game of discovery, visitors get excited when they look for their own picture among others. The mosaic makes the lounge even more intimate and personal.

"The most amazing place I’ve stepped into"

The Microsoft Gallery Lounge Experience is a unique example of how technology can be utilized to bring movement and life to a space. Follow the links to read some of the reactions visitors had on the space.

Microsoft "With the Microsoft Lounge at L.A. LIVE, a new technological vision blends Hollywood’s past and present"


Watch the time-lapse of Momentum to learn more about the fully integrated system using motors, lights and human motion.


Client: Microsoft / AEG / Microsoft Theater Select photos owned by Microsoft.

VVOX TEAM: Creative Director: Kamil Nawratil Technical Direction/Touch Designer Development: Kamil Nawratil Touch Designer Development and Kinect Integration: Javier Cruz Technical Drawings for Momentum the Kinetic Sculpture: Miron Nawratil Lead Physical Computing and Fabrication: Zyia Zhang Electrical Engineering: Bill Bowen Physical Computing and Fabrication Assistant: Jason Rabie Fabrication: Hannah Fink TouchDesigner Effects on Digital Mosaic Mural: Vincent Houze Touch Designer Effects on Form Projection: Shuvashis Das Physical Computing Assistant: Danara Sarioglu Project Management: Pa Her Momentum Documentary Video: NORTH + NOMAD