Inside The Music Of Neon Indian

Live Performance Generative Visuals, Algorithmic, Interactive

New York agency Listen approached us with an opportunity to work with Microsoft and electronic artist Neon Indian. The collaboration took the form of enhancing Neon Indian's live show to debut at the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon. Throughout the development period, we worked with both Listen and Neon Indian to arrive at creative output that would compliment the aesthetic of VEGA INTL. Nightschool, Neon Indian's recent album release.


We created responsive, visual content for Neon Indian's performance at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC by developing a custom multi-Kinect (5) system that encapsulated and tracked the band lead, Alan Palomo, and his band members.

The system mapped their movement and projected an augmented reconstruction of their reality back onto a displayed screen using multiple angles, movement and form. Each song was treated with a unique visual to surprise and uncover the performance for the audience. We wanted to create a robust system using Kinect technology that was scalable and could be used with any artist or band in a live performance.


As part of the project we released source files to our project for the live show. This is a basic version of the Neon Indian performance tool but a great start to looking through the Kinect. Have fun!


Client: Microsoft
VVOX Team: Creative Director – Kamil Nawratil TouchDesigner GLSL Shader Developer– Vincent Houzé TouchDesigner Content– Javier Cruz Project Management– Pa Her Agency: Listen