New York, NY

Bird Box

For the release of Netflix’s most watched original movie Bird Box, our team of programmers, animators, and fabricators created a one of a kind experience in December 2018 at the Shops at Columbus Circle. In collaboration with Invisible North, Volvox Labs developed a 12ft by 12ft interactive LED box that utilized Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, and TouchDesigner.

Motion Capture

We wanted to evoke the feeling of entrapment that was prevalent in the film by modeling 3D versions of the 8 main characters from Bird Box and animating them inside the life-size LED box to engage with viewers and ask them for help. To capture the character interactions and emotions from the film, we worked with NYU's Motion Capture studio to apply the recorded motion captured animations to our 3D models in Unreal Engine. We recorded over a hundred different animations and first imported the sequences into Autodesk Maya. Our animators retargeted the sequences in Autodesk Maya to our Bird Box character rigs, which were then imported into Unreal Engine for interactivity.

Unreal Engine

Our developers designed the apocalyptic environment in Unreal Engine, utilizing a consistent theme of the film - newspaper collages. We rendered various newspaper cutouts as the main texture for the box to recreate a similar aesthetic to the safe house from Bird Box. We programmed the characters to perform each motion captured animation when viewers are in front of the sensors, so the 3D models will appear and walk closer to viewers when triggered.


Agency: Invisible North Media: VolvoxLabs Production: VolvoxLabs Fabrication: VVOXSTUDIO