SIGGRAPH: Perception of Consequence

Creative Direction, Content, Physical Computing, Interactive, Fabrication

Fluid-Evolving Dynamic Forms

Exhibited at international conference SIGGRAPH Hong Kong the Perception of Consequence project represents the idea of consequence and constraints of motion set by the rules of physics. Two fluid-evolving forms are placed in a reversible entropic system and simulated to resemble evolving human states and emotions. The system itself evolves from organic form into chaos. Situated against a fabricated 15’ fabricated wall and within a tangible environment, control-activated whirlwinds encapsulate viewers as if like being part of the system itself.

Animation is projected on a custom-fabricated 15′ interlocking CNC cut structure positioned within the space. Its 3d organic shape resembles fluid qualities of the rendered images, adding a physical dimension to the project. Control-activated fans places on either side of the structure encapsulate viewers as if like being part of the system itself. Movement of virtual camera in the scene controls intensity level and direction of the wind exploiting both your visual, auditory and touch sensory systems. TouchDesigner is used to wirelessly communicate with Arduino and fans. Finally, stereoscopic projection is used to guide the viewer through the experience of transformation and evolution.

Creators Project


• Read more about this immersive installation at The Creators • Protein: Perception of Consequence.

Also, a big shout out to Oscar Award winning actor, Jared Leto for sharing our project with his fans!