The Nest at Elsewhere

Public Art, Design + Build, Custom Lighting control

Titled ‘The Nest’, the project is based on a dynamic expression of movement and organic from.

The Nest project is located within roof area of the Elsewhere building in Brooklyn, NY. Perched above, the artwork is mounted to the floor and supported by scaffolding to partly suspended in space.
Our initial concept for the design work consists of simple formal nests representing the connectivity, bond and unifying spirit within the Bushwick community. The nest are distributed throughout area and connected with hand cut pine wood slabs to create an almost maze like structure. Each nest is also connected by a lightweight digitally fabricated, aluminum that features a pattern of openings which produces playful shadows on the ground and programmed light effects during the night. With hundreds of individual and unique components, the art piece appears to be in motion and constantly changing.

Vision of Growth

We built The Nest out of the need to represent the organic and natural within otherwise completely industrialized area of Brooklyn - Bushwick. When one strolls around the neighborhood an underlying feeling of industrial claustrophobia is clearly present. Local artists try to bring in color and vibrancy to the neighborhood via graffiti and other forms of street art. What we brought in is a sprout of hope, just like the little flower breaking through the ground to reach the sun.

Digital vs Freeform

To create the 'flow' within The Nest we used digital fabrication techniques to define the overall form. Houdini was used to procedurally generate visualization of the flow. Our team then took on the task of using artistry on-site to attach each individual piece of wood to the interior support structure.

Inner Glow

At night The Nest comes to life thanks to eleven (11) 5000k lumen lights strategically placed within the installation. We used Raspberry Pi and relays to quickly program the lights and build our own animation controls to steer the illumination around the piece.

VVOX Team: Creative Director: Kamil Nawratil Physical Computing and Lead fabricator: Zyia Zhang Drawings: Miron Nawratil Physical Computing: Danara Sarioglu Design and Installation consultants: Javier Cruz, Mark McCallum Fabrication Consultant: Ben Mosca, Jason Rabie