The Ride By Microsoft

Interactive Art, Kinect Motion-driven Digital Art, Sports and Technology

The art installation The Ride by Microsoft was made and featured at North-America's biggest cycling race, AMGEN Tour of California. Using Microsoft Kinect cyclists in movement were captured to create surreal real-time motion activated images. Once again Volvox Labs shows that sports and technology can be utilized in innovative ways, giving athletes and their fans a new perspective.

Taking the beauty of cycling to the next level

The Ride's main objective was to show that AMGEN Tour of California not only is about the rider’s dedication to their sport, but also the fan’s dedication to a lifestyle. The end goal was to offer beautiful high-resolution printed posters as well as desktop and mobile wallpapers to save and share.

The design process

To give fans an exclusive insight into the design process and the technology employed, a series of behind-the- scenes videos were created and released before and during the race.

International media attention

The Ride by Microsoft sparked interest all over the world and was referred to as "beautiful" and "unique" by respected media channels. Follow the links below to read more. Rolling With The Tour "Microsoft & Volvox Labs Image the Tour" Business Insider, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nordic "These surreal motion-activated images created by Microsoft technology during America's biggest bike race are beautiful." Geekwire "Microsoft goes along for ‘The Ride,’ uses Kinect to produce unique motion-activated art of bike race" SportTechie "Microsoft Creates Motion-Activated Art At AMGEN Tour Of California" MSN The Hour


Client: Microsoft VVOX Interactive System Engineering and Design Team: Kamil Nawratil – Technical Direction / Creative Director Javier Cruz - Kinect Integration Developer Vincent Houze - Houdini Effects Cory Sterling - Technology Integrator Pa Her - Project Manager Isabel Shestopal - Producer Aleksander Jezierski - Cinematographer