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TouchIn NYC: Curating TouchDesigner Sessions

Organized by Kamil Nawratil, Volvox Labs [VVOX] Creative Director and Partner to support and share knowledge within the TouchDesigner community in NYC.

Location at VolvoxLabs at 1205 Manhattan Ave., Suite 111, Brooklyn, NY 11222.


Musician/Producer/DJ and founder and CEO of nVoid Art Tech Elburz Sorkhabi will be discussing his latest Dubai project alongside Brandon Epperson on February 26th 2015!! Elburz is the one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner. He recently authored and released the open source book, “An Introduction to TouchDesigner” which is a great resource tool for TouchDesigner enthusiasts out there looking for a little more guidance. Together with his team he has worked on product launches, permanent architectural installations, and world wide tours with global brands and iconic names such as Google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, and Nike.

Brandon Epperson will be presenting his work on the Kanye West project among others. Brandon is a live event designer, producer and director. He designs custom content, and integrated hardware/software solutions for music and fashion events with clients such as IMG worldwide, Mercedes Benz, Versace, The CFDA awards, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and Kanye West. We are thrilled to him host and present a the February 26th 2015 TouchIn session Live X's NYC office.

To kick of the 2015 new year, the team from Volvox Labs, Kamil Nawratil and Javier Cruz presented on January 16 discussing their work on dubfireLive:HYBRID show. Kamil Nawratil is a Polish-born visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work examines the struggle, breakdown and eventual evolution of systems; and explores relationships within visual, tactile, motion, and sound perception. He received his MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts, at which time he also founded Volvox Labs; a new-media and visual design studio. Javier Cruz is a technologist and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Fine Arts degree in Electronic Production and Design at the Berklee College of Music. With a professional background in music and technology he is able to bring a unique interpretation to the contemporary visual commentary and design expression.

Dev Harlan is a self-taught artist and designer working with video, light and sculpture. As a lifelong autodidact, his work is rooted in personal exploration and self-initiated practices. Dev has exhibited work in both traditional gallery settings, public spaces and outdoor festivals. Straddling both art and design disciplines the work has found it's home in private commissions as well as high profile events like Y-3's NY Spring 2013 runway show. Harlan is a native Californian who currently lives and works in New York. He has generously presented twice at the TouchIn session, first for the TouchIn launch on September 6, 2014 with Barry Threw (Obscura Digital), and again, alongside Kamil and Javier Cruz (Volvox Labs) on January 16, 2015 TouchIn NYC discussing his most recent works.

Vincent Houzé is an internationally renowned digital artist. His interests lie in sound reactive motion design, dynamic simulations, and projection mapping. His mixed graphic design and top-notch computer science education background give him a great eye for detail, a strong sense of visual rhythm and some downright serious technical skills. He has worked on films, commercials and video games, mainly as an effects designer, using existing softwares augmented with custom code in Paris and London. This includes blockbuster movies hits such as Gravity, Despicable Me and Wrath of the Titans, alongside award winning studios and artists. He is now focusing on architectural light and media installations in the US, as well as interactive installations. We were lucky enough to grab this genius to speak at the June 20, 2014 session alongside with Anna Herruzo Pierce from Obscura Digital.

Ana E. Herruzo Pierce is a designer and programmer working at the intersection of art, technology and architecture. Her focus is the combination of lightning, audio, and video with spaces and dynamic structures. Trained as an Architect, she learned to program in order to facilitate the communication and the interaction between users and space. By synthesizing disciplines, she creates spatial experiences for such wide-ranging applications as live music events, art installations, film, robotics, graphic design and architecture. Ana currently works as a Creative Technologist in Obscura Digital’s software department where she leads and collaborates on the development of art installations and stage shows. She presented her work at the June 20, 2014 session.

Mary Franck's live visual work is based on a real-time aesthetic of audio-driven machines, organic textures and alien landscapes. Using her own performance software, she creates intimate, visceral experiences that stir the non-rational aspects of the human mind. Mary cut her teeth at Obscura Digital programming and operating architectural projection shows internationally. She spoke about her projects at the January 31st, 2014 session.

Gabriel Pulecio is a self-taught motion designer and visual artist based in New York City. His work delves into a wide range of art mediums, encompassing design, motion, projection mapping, cg, and more. Since 2011, Gabriel has focused his digital expertise to create interactive sculptures and projection mapping installations that push the limit between digital and non-digital work; where viewers lose track of the underlying techniques and get immersed into the pure aesthetic pleasure of the artwork itself. He was able to share his work on Fractoid at the January 31st, 2014 TouchIn session.

Slanted Studios‘ Michelle Higa Fox gave a talk on her TouchDesigner projects at the October 16, 2013 session. Michelle Higa Fox is an artist, filmmaker, and creative director of Slanted Studios. She divides her time between directing commercial projects, creating public art installations, and curating motion graphics.

Alex Czetwertynski is an innovator in the emerging field of creative technology. With a background in traditional film making and production, he transitioned to in the emerging field of creative technology. First creating large scale event content design, and then to interactive and algorithmic media production. After running his own company, Disciple Films, Alex created and engineered numerous concert graphics for Grammy Award winning artists. As a content designer he has worked with global brands as technical and creative director. Alex shared his creative experimentation and processes on October 16, 2013.

The kick off the inaugural TouchIn sessions on September 6, 2013, we had the one and only Barry Threw, Director of Software at Obscura Digital, and co-Founder of Artup. Barry is an artist working in immersive and interactive experience. He works in collaboration with institutions, artists and organizations at the intersection of technology and culture. Focused on forward-looking artistic projects creatively (mis)using experiential technologies, he leaves behind installation, performance and artefact. Threw’s work has been presented internationally at festivals including ORF Musikprotokol, Graz, Austria; Club Transmediale, Berlin, DE; Mutek, Montreal, CA; Cynetart, Dresden, DE; Siggraph, San Diego, US. His installation work has been shown at veunes including the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the YouTube BrandLab, the Sacremento International Airport, and CalIT2 at the University of California San Digeo, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. He has worked in collaboration with myriad artists including Kronos Quartet, Oval, Edwin van der Heide, Egbert Mittlestadt, Biosphere, Camille Utterback, Signal, Monolake and Jon Rose.

Please contact VVOX if you'd like to present or share your work at one of the sessions! Hope to see you there!