Yankee Candle Power Experience

Interactive Art, VFX, Generative Content, Playback System Design

Candle Power

Volvox Labs created custom visuals and ambient audio for the Yankee Candle Candle Power Pop-Up Store in Soho, New York. The installation was inspired by the candle collection Chesapeake Bay. Visitors where invited to interact with three featured candles, displayed inside a transparent LCD screen. Upon doing so visuals on a large video wall were triggered. The installation was exhibited in a mirror room, creating an endless room effect. This made it perfect environment for creative photos and selfies.

Innovative Product Display

Using a transparent LCD screen, VVOX allowed for both elegant product display and playful interaction. This type of screen can hold physical products inside, as well as showing digital content on it's screen. Three candles from the Chesapeake Bay candle collection were displayed inside a HypeBox: Peace and Tranquility, Reflection and Clarity and Balance and Harmony. Each candle was accompanied by visuals correspondent to candles themes. Animations included raking sand into fun shapes, playing with coy-fish in a pond and triggering a tree to grow leaves.


Client: Yankee Candle

Agency: David Stark Design and Production

VVOX TEAM: Creative Direction: Kamil Nawratil Visual Artist: Mark McCallum Visual Artist, Sound Design and Composition: Javier Cruz Creative Producer, photo - and videographer: Isabel Shestopal